I am an adult, as much as it pains me to say. I have spent the last three years studying Writing, Directing and Performance at the University of York, slowly delaying the inevitable before I was forced to take my first steps in a much larger world.

But I’m in it now, and surviving, I am glad to report, but from time to time I like to empty my head of thoughts and sometimes write them into articles or posts which will end up on this site. What they will be about, well that’s anyone’s guess, but hopefully at some point there will be something interesting.

I’m very much an arts person. I try to keep myself affiliated with theatre in some capacity, most recently going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with TalkSimple Productions with their new black farce “Hearts of Folk” and recently rewrote A Christmas Carol as a pantomime for the University of York Pantomime Society (Believe me, you can turn anything into a pantomime). If you asked me where I want to be in 10 years (and I now know this is a question frequently asked by interviewers), I’d love to be producing theatre in any capacity. It may seem like the dull, administrative side of the theatre world, but though you may judge me for it, I kinda like all those things.

I also have a particular fondness for writing, hence this blog and the way I like to go on a bit. Sometimes I am lucky enough for some mad individual to take on one of my ideas and have it performed, which is how A Christmas Carol came about, but usually these take the form of reviews.

If you are interested in reading my reviews, you can find them at the following link:


You can also follow the Twitter Account @moore2sayreview for all the latest updates.

All in all, this is the place where I come to write about adult life. I have no idea what I’ll end up writing about, but hopefully you’ll find something that you relate to and enjoy. Most importantly, do critique me. The main purpose of this blog to is improve my writing, in whatever form it may take, and the only way I can do that is with your help.

(That sounds like a line from a bad movie doesn’t it?).

So, shall we begin…?