Letters to George

Dear George,

First off, let me tell you what a massive fan I am of your work, something that I imagine you get told quite a lot and are a little sick of hearing. But it needed to be said, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to write any of this before you.

Your novels are so intricately detailed, creating an entire world with its philosophy, history and cultures, with storylines that sometimes feel loose and unconnected but prove to be part of a much bigger plan. I mean just look at all the theories that can be found it all corners of the internet? Although some of them remain a little farfetched. And I continue to admire your ability to kill off characters as easily as turning a page. It’s something that authors and filmmakers alike continue to avoid and though I imagine it can be hard sometimes, it certainly creates the desired effect.

But I know there are others with that same passion as me who are not quite as good with the words.

There seems to be an alarming amount of people who are very concerned about your health in correlation with whether or not you will be able to continue and finish the last two instalments of your series (or anymore that you have planned for the future). And to those people, I have a few words to say to them: What the hell is wrong with you?

Now I understand that for the majority of these fans, they are simply expressing their love and admiration for the world that you have created, but perhaps aren’t stressing it quite as eloquently and respectfully as they would have preferred. Even I’ve been guilty of this attitude (shortly after finishing A Dance of Dragons). We all just want to know what happens next. But as you yourself have commented, the enquiries into your health and all the jokes about you dying before you finish them (which has even started to spread into professional journalism which seems quite outrageous) seems disrespectful, an invasion of privacy and just downright rude.

I’m sure you don’t need someone such as myself to tell you, but please just ignore them. There are fans out there who have the respect and patience to wait (something again, I’m sure you already know). They’re just all caught up in the hype of the series, but seem to have forgotten that one does not come without the other, even if HBO has overtaken the release of the books.

We know that you are a slow writer. But to all those people out there who are urging you to rush The Winds of Winter, and no doubt will continue to do so right through to Blessings of Spring; I have this to say to them.

If you pressure George R.R. Martin into rushing the next instalment of the series, then what you get is not the best it could have been and you will have only yourselves to blame. There is reason that there is such a huge fan base surrounding these novels and who’s to say that it would have had the same hype had there been a book out each year. HBO has managed to ship out a season each year, and although I still have a great love for the series (and disagree with all the haters against the show’s alternate direction), they haven’t always been able to reach the high levels of quality that other seasons have.

We are all anxiously waiting the much anticipated release of The Winds of Winter, and at this rate will become the fastest selling book of all time, but if it is rushed, it will be a disappointment, and none of us want that.

Winter did not come in a day. Winter has arrived after 20 years of the series. So I think we can all wait a little while longer.

So, Mr George R.R. Martin, keep doing what you have to do. Ignore all the haters, the aggravators and the concerns that are thrown your way and do what you do best.

Create stories.

You are a great inspiration of mine and I too eagerly await the release of your new book, but I would not have that same eagerness had it not been completed when you were ready for the world to see it.

Humble Regards,

From a Devoted Fan





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