If you’ve read my posts before here, then you will probably know that I started up a YouTube channel, titled Blue Box Productions, as a way of experimenting with my video and editing audio skills and gain some feedback from a far more critical public. You may also recall that I revamped my logo to try and make it look a little more professional, something that I was a little more proud of, and although I was best pleased with the result, I never had the intention of keeping the name Blue Box Productions. It didn’t quite have the right effect and besides, there are already several channels out there with the same name (I went to check).

But that ends today, because I thought of a new name for the channel that I’m far more happy about, with a logo design and opening visual to boot.


Not For TV Productions Logo 4

How about that for a sexy new logo.

This will remain to serve my video-editing interests but the idea of having a “company” called Not For TV Productions allows for possibilities in theatre should I ever get that far, and would prove ironic if I ever made it into the TV Industry (We’ve all got to dream).

So this is it, the regeneration of Blue Box Productions (an apt term considering the Doctor Who reference). All the videos that I originally posted (all Star Wars related I must say) are all up on the new channel and I’ve got a few more ideas swimming around my head, both Game of Thrones related, which should be nice to have a bit of a mix.

Welcome to the new age!

The Rebel Awakens

The Last Lasat

The Wrath of Maul

Star Wars The Force Awakens (Suicide Squad style) Trailer


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